Engine Inventory | Engine Management | Engine Appraisal

Engine Inventory

Engine 1

Engine 2

M4 Aviation is very involved in the engine marketplace. We often have engines available and ready to move.
  • PT6A
  • PW100
  • JT15D
  • CF34
  • TPE731

M4 Aviation is the exclusive broker on over 80 engines and APUs.

Engine Management

M4 Aviation has experience managing engines through the repair and overhaul process over the last 24 years. All pre-negotiated discounts are passed along directly to the owner of the engine.

M4 charges a flat fee per engine plus any travel expenses. Typical savings are $25,000 to $400,000 depending on the engine model and work scope.

Engine Appraisals

Multiple financial institutions and other aircraft brokers call on M4 Aviation to valuate engines for pre-purchase or selling. In order to place a value on an engine, I would need the TTSN, TCSN, TSO, CSO and last shop visit information.

I can also perform on-site evaluation of engine(s) and aircraft.


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